Acorn Guesthouse Website Remake



A new and modern retouch given to a hotel website through clear graphic design which is consistent across the whole website. The site is easy to navigate and interactive with a good SEO. The first image is the original website.


A family run small hotel in Cambridge, UK. sought to attract more visitors and expand their customer base through improved branding,  UI, and UX.


Use of color, fonts, and images was not consistent throughout the site.
The site was not appropriate for the purpose and the intended audience  (seeking to attract mostly young people and students).
Page layout was cluttered and unbalanced.
Eyes were not directed to the content and important page elements.
Color combination was not pleasing and appropriate for the site’s purpose.
There was no copyright, privacy, contact and cookie information.
The text was not clearly legible.

Hotel logo was not visually pleasing and did not stand out.
The Content of the site was not logically organized.
Links were not clearly labeled and some did not work.

Project goals and objectives 

To make the website more easy to find – good SEO. To make the websites’ design, navigation, and color scheme consistent and appealing to the visitors using current trends. To make fully functional and easily navigable links, galleries, and menu items. To create a logo.

Apr. 2018


  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator