Fitness Alphabet



An experimental alphabet created using fitness equipment. I used OPTIMA BOLD font as a reference.


My task was to produce a quirky alphabet using materials of my choice.
I used fitness equipment as my chosen material and OPTIMA BOLD font as a reference because of that particular font matched well with the bold, heavy materials.


I did not possess a professional camera, therefore I built my own tripod and a lightbox for the photoshoot.
I needed specific pieces of the material to build my letters, I took my time to find the perfect ones and adjust those to match the outlines.
All the letters had to be the same size  –  lightbox and printouts of Optima Bold Font used to create outlines of the letters.
Images retouched and resized in Photoshop to make all the letters match.

Project goals and objectives 

To learn more about how to make my own custom letters and fonts.
To learn more traditional ways of making rather than using mainly digital medium.
To use a wide variety of tools and methods of creating.

Feb. 2017



  • Typography
  • Photography